World Mental Health Day


This long weekend, among other things, I watched Sex and the City 2, the movie. It’s not fantastic, but there was a moment I could relate to. Charlotte and Miranda sat in the bar in Abu Dhabi, 6700 miles away from their homes, and began to share the realities of parenthood. Miranda had to push Charlotte at first, who initially maintained her ‘its all worth it, parenting is a blessing’ façade. (This after earlier finding herself crying in the pantry to hide from her 2 girls). They spilled….Stress, guilt, inadequacies. They drank after each sentence. They cried and spilled some more - Charlotte erupted as though she hadn’t ever been allowed to express herself honestly until this moment. And then they laughed.

This Thursday is World Mental Health Day. 1 in 5 maternal deaths is caused by suicide. 1 in 5. And yet, so much pressure can be so easily released, by sharing and talking and learning that we are not alone.

All parents have a hard time. It doesn't matter what you see on Facebook or Instagram or even what they may say to you. Up to 80% experience emotional distress. That is near enough everyone.

Reach out and have a coffee this week - a chat with a friendly, honest face, can make a world of difference.

Have a wonderful, connected week.

Tiffany x

*If you are experiencing distress, please contact Beyond Blue, PANDA or Lifeline.