School Holiday Quality Time

It can be a fun break, there’s no doubt about it. But for many working parents school holidays can exacerbate feelings of being torn being work and home, and increase feelings of guilt
To all the parents who had to work and utilise OHSC, friends, grandparents, holiday programs... give yourself a break if you’re feeling it. I spent the majority of my school holidays out the back of a restaurant watching a blurry black and white TV, or literally under my mums desk. I still have the best memories and have never even considered what I could’ve been doing instead. I knew my mum worked so hard to give me what she could and I loved her for that. Some times she would give me $5 to spend in the newsagent. LOVED IT.
A simple walk after dinner or an hour in the park is enough to connect and refuel our kids with all the love they need if it’s quality time and from the heart.