International Day of Peace


This week we celebrated ‘The International Day of Peace’. Ahhh Peace…a concept many parents feel they will never have again. Whether it’s because of screaming babies, nagging toddlers, and the company we now have every time we use the bathroom, or because our teenagers are online, out all night or learning to drive, peace, seems much like an out of reach concept.

Regardless of what we do or how old our children are, once we are parents our minds are always split - work (+children), rest (+children), play (+children). It can be tough to focus and let go of anxiety, often fearing the worst when we aren’t with them.

Whilst I can’t imagine the worry ever ends, I do find that talking about it helps. Just knowing it’s normal and that I am not alone always seems to take away the intensity.

My Top Three Suggestions for finding peace:

  1. Find even 10 minutes a day, when you know the kids are safe or with someone you trust, to sit alone, without your phone or computer and just have a cup of tea. Preferably in nature or looking outside into nature. On the back step, at the window…wherever.

  2. Trust, that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be, for now. Trust in something greater than yourself. Have faith, deep breathe.

  3. Unload. Share your fears with someone you trust. Or, write them down. Get them out of your head.

This week, I encourage you to share your experiences of losing peace and finding peace. Mentors, what are the ways you manage to find peace in your day? New parents, where do you need it most?

Have a wonderfully peaceful week.