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September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day

This Tuesday September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day. I know that sounds very heavy, but did you know that 1 in 5 maternal deaths is caused by suicide? This is a staggering number. Its hard to imagine that we alone could make a big enough difference in someones life, to prevent a tragedy. And yet, a kind gesture, reaching out, sharing some time, are all important ways that have shown to impact so greatly on peoples lives, that decisions like this are avoided.

If all we do this week, is take an extra 5 minutes to talk to someone, smile at the stranger in the lift, compliment someone, or reach out and ask how they’re going, then we are doing our part. Choose kindness, as they say, and you just never know the impact it can have.

Today, in a moment when I was feeling a little low, an older lady in my community reached out and touched my hand to show me she could see that I wasn’t myself, and that she was there with me. It was a simple, 1 minute interaction that changed my day.

How will you change someone's day today?

Have a beautiful week.

  • If you or someone you know needs support, please use the navigation tool bar to find contact details of various organisations. You are not alone x

World Breastfeeding Week

This week is World Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding can be the most wonderful or the most painful experience (or both). It can be a magical way to bond with our babies. It can be nourishing for both the body and the soul. 
It can also be impossible, strained, painful. There can be issues with latching, with intolerances, with nipples, with little mouths. It can lead to a great deal of distress if things don't go to plan.

New parents can put so much pressure on themselves to get this right straight away and fit the norms they, their families, the hospitals and society place on them. It can lead to feelings of guilt, desperation and sadness. 
Its important to remember that this isn't something you should 'just be able to do naturally'. There are many variables and it can take a lot of practice. Not breastfeeding doesn't make a new mum less than, or a failure. 
I encourage you talk about the experiences you’ve had. Reach out to new parent or someone who has been through this before and talk about what breastfeeding means to you, or how you're experiencing it now. Remember, while we often hear that 'breast is best’, what's really most important is the health and happiness of mum, so that she can be all she needs to be for her baby and herself.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week