We strive to empower women and men returning to work by facilitating connections within the organisation. By leveraging the abundant knowledge-base, skills and lived experience of successful parents, lasting meaningful relationships can sustain and validate their work, their emotional wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them. The app supercharges this to eradicate boundaries and facilitate geographical and emotional ties. Through prevention, everyone wins - including the company bottom line.

Many women rather than seeking help, simply try harder.


The Village Foundation is about facilitating the return to work for women and men postpartum. Billions are lost to reduced productivity, staff turnover and mental health issues each year in Australia. Millions directly related to perinatal health issues. There is a great loss of identity which occurs when a woman or man leaves their career for any length of time and then returns with often a completely different world to navigate. 

The app and suite of educational programs connect mentors within the company to new parents within the company. You already have the personnel. They already have the skills. By leveraging the knowledge and wealth of experience these parents have to offer, social support are increases, productivity goes up, staff retention is improved. Corporations have a social responsibility to provide healthy work environments and this goes one step further by offering this as standard. The parent won’t ask - the literature is clear on that. 

By supporting the parent, everyone wins - the family, the infant, the company. 

The founder of the Village Foundation, Tiffany, has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, executive training and facilitation, workshop design, corporate management and most importantly, has lived experience with postnatal depression. The Village Foundation App was a finalist in the eChallenge, a national finalist for Pitch@Palace and Tiffany is a Westpac Future Leader Scholar with a Degree in Psychology (Honours). The Village Foundation is supported by an excellent team of industry professionals.

We are looking for innovative and forward-thinking companies to join us as we change the landscape for mental health in the industry, and the community. 

Sound like you?

Tiffany is a resilient, empathic leader who shows genuine care for people. Curious about others, she is a skilled networker and a master connector to help others. Tiffany has high interpersonal sensitivity and intuitively knows how to read people and understand their viewpoint. Tiff is driven to create positive social change and I have no doubt that she is and will continue to make a significant impact in empowering women and families.
— Amy Lyden, Program Scholarship Director, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation


To connect is primal - we know it is the way we were and the way we should be.

In terms of becoming a mother or a father, it is how we learn about what to do, how we share the load, how we regulate and release our emotions and it is how we feel normal.

We connect for validation, for appraisal, for guidance and for empathy. Today we live in a world of disconnection and isolation whether geographically or emotionally. The combination of social support and connection in the postpartum period is, therefore, key to wellbeing.

Social support, in particular peer to peer support, buffers the effects of distress and provides the support necessary for the down days to be down DAYS and not accumulate into weeks, months and even years. Just by sharing with others who understand, parents get much of what they are after.

The Village Foundation aims to address isolation and improve wellbeing through prevention by providing support for parents throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period, and as they navigate returning to work. Mentorship, education and using a strengths-based approach provides lasting and sustainable support.

The Village Foundation App is designed for large corporate organisations, schools environments, and the public and the health sector.


We connect parents…

…within organisations in a mentor/mentee relationship.


We provide training, education and tools…

…to enable practical and effective mentorship and support.


We use app technology…

…to securely and effectively connect parents face to face either locally or across borders.