What is The Village foundation?

Village provides a platform for connection within an organisation and within your community. By combining training, information, content and the use of a geographically based app, we are here to help new parents connect with other parents in the community.


Village is neither an alternative to career or relationship coaching, nor a counselling service or therapy. Furthermore, Village will not give formal advice on return to work or employment matters. Village can however, point you to the organisations who do provide these services.


Within a company - If your company uses Village, you will be invited to join either as a mentee or mentor, depending on whether you are a new or experienced parent. You can then see who is available to within your organisation. You may be paired formally, but will have the opportunity to engage with anyone you like, depending on your individual parenting style and outlook - it is not related to your department or position at work. It is all about creating a parenting village at work.

In the community - you can download the app from Google Play or iTunes and get connecting right away with people close by.


Your information is protected and will not be shared. We have employed the highest security standards.

HOW much does it cost?

Corporate packages are available upon request.

In the community, the app is free.



Tiffany de Sousa Machado, mother of two beautiful girls, step mother of five and founder of The Village Foundation. Tiffany is a PhD candidate in Psychology and Business at the University of Adelaide and a 2017 Westpac Future Leader Scholar.

Women's health, perinatal health, postnatal depression and family and workplace wellbeing are key areas of focus for her research. Paired with Tiffany’s own experience with postpartum depression, Village was created as a tool to prevent postpartum stress and isolation; to create communities of support within corporate Australia, and the public and to increase productivity and staff retention within the workplace.

Tiffany has extensive work experience in the corporate sector including workshop design and facilitation, specifically around corporate training, mental health, wellbeing, empowerment, parenting practices and women’s wellbeing. Over 20 years experience in research and speech writing, team management, event management, sales and marketing, retail and hospitality management and corporate training. She has worked within government, the private sector and now teaches in academia.

Tiffany is a published writer, blogger, MC and public speaker who has been featured in Ruby Connection, New Idea, National Print Media, Vogue, Nurture Parenting Magazine and Mamamia.

“My vision is that every parent has support.”

- Tiffany De Sousa Machado